Skin conditions of the feet and what to look out for

There are a variety of skin conditions that affect your feet and some are more common than others. Typically, you will see rashes or skin lesions on the feet as an infection—viral, bacterial or fungal. It is important to seek medical attention for the proper diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions of the feet. Here are a few to keep an eye out for.

Bacterial and fungal conditions

These conditions include athlete’s foot, which occur because our feet spend a lot of time in our shoes. Warm, dark, humid places are perfect for fungus to grow. Fungal and bacteria conditions can cause dry skin, redness, blisters, itching and peeling. If these skin conditions are not treated right away, an infection may be hard to cure. And if not treated properly, the infection might continue to appear.

To prevent infections, keep your feet clean and dry, and don’t forget to change your shoes and socks often to help. You might even want to try to dust your feet daily with foot powder. If your skin condition does not go away within two weeks, talk to your podiatrist.

Dry skin

If you are experiencing dry skin, it can cause itching and burning feet. When this happens, use mild soap in small amounts and a moisturizing cream or lotion on your legs and feet daily. However, be mindful about adding oils to your bath water because they can make your feet and bathtub very slippery.

Corns and calluses

Caused by friction and pressure when the bony parts of your feet rub against your shoes, corns and calluses require attention from your podiatrist. You might also need to buy new shoes that fit better or even using special pads might help. Treating corns and calluses by yourself may be harmful, especially if you have diabetes.

Plantar warts

Warts are skin growths on the bottoms of your feet that are caused by viruses. They can sometimes be painful and if they go untreated, they can spread. Over-the-counter preparations rarely cure warts, which means it is important to visit your podiatrist for proper care.

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